Q. Can you bring pets to the park?

Dogs and cats may not be brought inside the main park, but there is a dog park available nearby. Next to the entrance to the main park there are also cages where pets can be kept when entering the park. Finally, dogs and pets can stay for the night together with their owners in Island Park’s partner ryokan inn, where you can relax in the rooms and enjoy barbecue in the garden.

Q. Can I ride a bicycle in the park?

Bicycles and similar vehicles are not allowed in the park.

Q. Can I borrow a wheelchair?

In order to provide a more pleasant park experience to seniors and visitors who find it difficult to walk around, electric cart rental service is provided. Feel free to use it. The fee is 500 yen for the whole day.

Q. Can I bring packed lunch with me?

You are very welcome to do so. Enjoy a picnic on the open grass field. However, please refrain from bringing your own food into restaurants.

Q. Is it possible to stay for the night in the park?

There are cottages available, located near a flower bed from which you can see the Shikanoshima Island
Guests who stay for the night can enjoy the night panorama of the Hakata Bay.

Q. Which flowers are blooming right now?

There are many flower beds of various sizes inside the park. Flower bloom depends on the season, please refer to the page below for details.
Flowers of the season


The story of Noko kannon and goddess

The story of Noko kannon and goddess Once upon a time, there are two kannon1 statues made of stone in a village called Nokomura2. The one is called “Otoko Kannon Sama3 (hereinafter Mr.Kannon)” and the other is called “Onna Kannon Sama4 (hereinafter Ms.Kannon).” Both...

Legal Wedding

Nokonoshima Island Park hosted Kyushu's first so-called "legal wedding," in which newlyweds from abroad can register their marriage in a Japanese public office. During the wonderful ceremony vows were exchanged on a field of sunflowers in full bloom. May the married...

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