Barbecue House

About the barbecue house

Enjoy a barbecue without the need to bring anything with you. The barbecue house is next to the restaurant Sakimori. Here you can try affordable charcoal-grilled wagyu beef from Kyushu while enjoying the spectacular view. The charcoal is supplied by the staff so you don’t have to worry about it. Reservations are not required, but recommended during vacation season and long holidays.

Operating Hours

11:00 – 17:30 (last order 16:00)

Seats / Accommodation

In the barbecue area, there are terrace seats where you can enjoy the view while dining, cozy interior seating for rainy weather and outdoor seats perfect for admiring the cherry blossoms in the spring season.
We welcome group reservations for up to 500 guests.


Noroshiyaki barbeque set
2,800 yen(including tax)
(2 servings)

Special menu

[Special offer for group reservations]
Some of the dishes we offer are not on the menu. Depending on your budget, we can provide you with premium barbeque ingredients such as the Japanese spiny lobster, sazae shellfish, abalone or steak. Please contact us for details.

Bringing in food and drink

You can bring your favorite food and drink to the barbecue with you.
The staff will prepare the charcoal.
If you decided to bring your own food, you will only be provided with a seat and charcoal, so please do not forget to also bring dishes, seasonings, etc.

Fee when bringing your own food

For bringing your food Adult 700 yen, child 500 yen
For bringing your own drinks Adult 300 yen, child 200 yen

Inside view of shops


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