Art Gallery “Warabekan”

About Warabekan

The gallery displays a large collection of the works of the famous Fukuoka-born painter Isao Nishijima. The sliding doors inside are painted by the artist’s own hand, and even more of his art can be found in the Japanese style room on second floor.

Operating Hours

9:30 – 17:30

Entry fee

Adult 100 yen / Elementary school or junior high student 50 yen

Inside the gallery

Beautiful decorations for the Hina Matsuri Festival


The story of Noko kannon and goddess

The story of Noko kannon and goddess Once upon a time, there are two kannon1 statues made of stone in a village called Nokomura2. The one is called “Otoko Kannon Sama3 (hereinafter Mr.Kannon)” and the other is called “Onna Kannon Sama4 (hereinafter Ms.Kannon).” Both...

Legal Wedding

Nokonoshima Island Park hosted Kyushu's first so-called "legal wedding," in which newlyweds from abroad can register their marriage in a Japanese public office. During the wonderful ceremony vows were exchanged on a field of sunflowers in full bloom. May the married...

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